Beagle Bulldog Crossed puppies for sale called beabulls

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Take two impossibly cute dog breeds and put them together, and what do you get? The Beabull, a beautiful blend of the Beagle and Bulldog. If you’ve never seen one of these gorgeous little pooches, head over to Florida Puppies Online and check out the best selection of Beabull puppies for sale in Florida. Read on to find out more about this popular new mix.

The Bloodlines

The Beagle “ain’t nothing but a hound dog,” but what a hound she is. This amazing hunter relies on an almost unparalleled sense of scent, which was particularly handy when it was asked to chase hare. Beagle-type dogs have been around for about 2,500 years, dating back to Ancient Greece. The modern version, however, was created and perfected about 200 years ago in Great Britain. The Bulldog, on the other hand, looks like a big, serious, bruiser of a breed but is far from it. In reality, this medium-to-large pooch, often referred to as an English Bulldog, is docile, friendly, and gregarious.

The Blend

When you merge these two breeds, you get a medium-to-large dog that is agile, friendly, and even a bit nosy from time to time. This is a strong-willed mix, so if you are considering adding a Beabull to your family be prepared to be diligent and disciplined in training your new pup. Once trained, however, this athletic dog will adapt to almost anything as long as you are close by. It also loves a yard, so that’s a bonus if you can offer your pooch that option, as they range from 30 to 60 pounds. Nonetheless, the Beabull does well in apartments and with a variety of people, whether young or old. So if this kind of dog seems like a good fit for you and your family and you go check out Beabull puppies for sale, you might just fall in love.

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