People love Maltese dogs, and they love Yorkshire Terriers, so when you bring them together, you get the Morkie dog! Part of the wave of “designer dogs” that cross two separate breeds to bring out their best traits, the Yorkie Maltese mix yields Morkie puppies that are small, lively and affectionate. They’re perfect for a family with the right kind of home that understands their needs.

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Fur Ball of Energy

If you’re looking at Morkie puppies for sale, one great thing you don’t need to worry about is space. This is a small dog that doesn’t need a big yard to run in, so it’s perfectly at home in an apartment, condo, or other smaller dwelling. However, that doesn’t mean that this dog doesn’t like exercise, just that it doesn’t need much space to get it. A Maltese Yorkie mix has a LOT of energy, and if it doesn’t find a way to use that energy, it will make the opportunities, with chewed furniture, running around the home, or other distractions. 

This is also a vocal dog, so you’ll always know when someone is visiting, but it’s also quite sociable and friendly. However, the Morkie dog can be territorial, and it’s not unusual for it to try to “pick a fight” with a larger dog, even when that other dog isn’t being aggressive. A Morkie is always happy and confident when paired with a family that pays it lots of attention. This isn’t a great pick if you live alone and spend hours at work because the Morkie can and will suffer from separation anxiety and may even take it out on the furniture.

Easy on the Eyes

The Morkie generally has soft, long fur, and requires some regular grooming during the week to look its best. It also requires a little bit of care in cleaning around the eyes, as the breed can tear up quite easily. If left unattended, this can build up in the fur around the eyes and cause potential health problems.

Morkie puppies are also delicate, especially early on in their lives. While they are a fantastic dog for a family, you should always be careful when letting younger children handle these dogs. They can be quite easily injured by play that’s too rough. In some cases, even larger dogs in the home can inadvertently injure one if too much strength is applied.

As long as you handle your dog with care, you’ll have a happy, healthy addition to your home. If you can give this dog the attention that it needs, it will be a steadfast, loyal and very protective addition to your family that will always put you first.