tips to keep your puppy cool in warm weather imageWhile we’re lucky in Florida not to experience true cold temperatures, the increase in temperatures that happens as we move into the peak summer months requires us to prepare for the heat. And while you already know to wear light, breathable clothing and stay out of the sun during the high noon hours, it’s also important to make preparations for your furry friends. Here are three ways to help your dog keep calm and stay cool in warm weather.

1. Keep them well hydrated

Hydration is key for humans when it comes to hot weather, and it’s even more important for dogs who live in fur coats they can’t just take off when they get too warm. Make sure your dog always has access to plenty of cool, clean water, and remember to wash the dish out regularly. It’s common for dog bowls to get a slimy buildup on them that’s difficult to see but can keep your dog from wanting to drink enough to stay healthy when it’s warmer. You can also make staying hydrated fun for your pet by letting them play with ice cubes. Bonus points for freezing treats in them for a bit of mental stimulation.

2. Be aware of hot surfaces

When the air temperature rises, so does the temperature of everything else, which means everything from the pavement you take walks on to the floor in front of your dog’s favorite sunny window could be hotter than you realize. Always make sure to test pavement, concrete or asphalt with your bare hand before trying to walk your dog. If you can’t leave your hand on the surface for a full, slow count of 10, it’s too hot for your dog to be walking on. Keep your dog comfortable with cooling pads in the crate, a wet towel on the back porch or even a shallow wading pool (go for the old-school plastic kind over inflatables to prevent tears and leaks) in the yard.

3. Change up your routine

Soaring daytime temperatures may mean that it’s just too hot to go for your regular walk after lunch or before dinner, but you can still get your pup his daily exercise by changing up your routine. Consider waking up early to get in a sunrise stroll. The temperature will be more comfortable for both of you, and you’ll get to start your day off on a positive, energetic note. You may also find that your dog eats less when it’s warmer, so you may need to feed your pet smaller portions twice a day instead of one big meal, and you may need to change your dog’s bedding if they sleep in a crate to something that wicks moisture and won’t allow them to overheat.

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner trying to be as prepared as possible for your new pup or you’re thinking about adding on to your fur family, Florida Puppies Online has puppies from some of the most popular breeds available right here.