Beach Dog Grooming

While much of the country looks forward to the return of the warmer months and a beach vacation or two, those in Florida are able to enjoy the higher temperatures and easy ocean access year-round. Taking a walk on the dog-friendly beach with your pup and watching them run in the spray can be a great way to bond with your dog, but it can also present some special grooming concerns. Here are four tips to help you keep your four-legged friend looking its best.

1. Advice on Washing Your Puppy Dog

While a run or swim in the salty ocean water may make your puppy feel like it’s the best day ever, it’s not so great for their skin and coat. Leaving the sand and salt buildup on their fur can cause itchiness, increase licking and scratching behaviors and eventually lead to painful hot spots. Always make sure to give your pup a thorough rinse when you’re done playing at the off-leash dog beach (including the paws, belly and other hard-to-reach areas) to keep them feeling fresh and comfortable.

2. Pay Special Attention to Your Dogs Paws

Your puppy’s foot pads are very sensitive, and lots of exposure to heat, sand, and moisture can cause them to dry out and get chapped, which can be very painful for your pup. Protect their paws and prevent future issues by rubbing on special lotions or waxes designed to condition the foot pads before and after every dog beach outing.

3. Clean Your Puppy’s Ears and Keep Them Healthy

While many puppy breeds, especially Dachshund’s with floppy ears, require regular ear cleaning, even dogs with the perkiest of ears may need extra attention after a day at the beach. It’s very easy for moisture and sand to get trapped in your dog’s ear canal, which can lead to everything from mites to a painful yeast infection. To help prevent this, you can keep their floppy ears trimmed neatly and make sure to towel dry gently on the inside after every swim. It’s also a good idea to get a quality ear rinsing solution and massage a few drops in afterward. When your dog shakes them out, any yucky stuff from the beach should go with it.

4. Don’t Forget to Bring Pet Sunscreen

You know it’s important to always slather on the sun protection for yourself before you head out to soak up some sun, but this is also very important for your cute puppy. While heavy-coated dogs that have a true undercoat have a strong level of natural sun protection, exposed skin on the feet, nose, ears, and belly is at risk for burns. Dog breeds who don’t have undercoats or who are groomed short or in a way that shows a lot of skin will need a full coating of dog-friendly sunblock before heading out. Make sure to use a sunscreen specifically formulated for puppies and reapply as needed per the directions. Natural sun protection such as a big beach umbrella is also a great way to keep your puppy dog safe — and comfortably cool — from the sun’s rays.

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