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Husky-Poo Puppies for Sale in Florida

A husky-poo is a cross between a Siberian husky and a poodle and is also known by other names such as a huskydoodle, Siberpoo and poosky. It’s not considered a pure breed and may not be exactly half husky and half poodle, as multigenerational crosses are very common with husky-poos. Breeders generally attempt to produce husky-poo puppies with the temperament of a husky and the low-shedding coat of a poodle.

Breed Characteristics

Husky-poos are generally medium-sized dogs weighing between 45 and 60 pounds, although the size can vary considerably based on which breed the dog favors. The body is strong and sturdy, with a rounded face and ears that hang down. Husky-poos have a double coat, although its texture can be wavy and silky like a husky or curly and wiry like a poodle.

The typical temperament of a husky-poo is friendly and cheerful, especially when socialized as puppies. They love being with people and often become highly attached to a particular owner. Husky-poos are also intelligent and energetic, so they should receive regular stimulation and exercise to keep them from getting bored. In addition to simply running, they love to chase balls and swim.

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