Male, 184 weeks old (11/16/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.
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Papichon Puppies for Sale in Florida

The Papichon is a mix between a papillon and a bichon frise. This small dog has boundless energy and fluffy fur that requires daily grooming. Ideal for small apartments and homes, the Papichon grows to around 12 inches tall and 16 pounds, and it ranges in color from white and brown to red and black. This rare breed has limited background information, though the bichon dates back to the 14th century as a French court favorite, while the papillon was a favorite in the 17th-Century court of King Louis XIV.

Breed Characteristics

Ready to please, the Papichon has a happy outlook on life. They enjoy being in the company of their families, and they’re quick to learn. They tend to shy from strangers they first meet, but it doesn’t take long for this pup to warm up to nearly anyone. The Papichon is slightly opinionated and may yap a lot. They also tend to sulk when you scold them, so it’s important to train them early to eliminate any unwanted behaviors. Quite active for its size, the Papichon puppy loves walks and frequent romps outside, and they appreciate the mental stimulation from a game of fetch.

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