• Bear – Playful Little ACA CHOCOLATE Male Yorkie

    Male, 14 weeks old (01/29/21)
    Adult Weight 7 - 8 lbs.
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  • Jojo – Fun Little Female Yorkie

    Female, 11 weeks old (02/24/21)
    Adult Weight 13 - 14 lbs.
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  • Minnie – Precious Little Female Yorkie

    Female, 11 weeks old (02/24/21)
    Adult Weight 10 - 11 lbs.
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    Male, 122 weeks old (11/16/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.
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Yorkies Puppies for Sale in Florida

One of the most popular and iconic toy breeds, the Yorkshire terrier has long been a favorite of those looking for an apartment-friendly small dog or a companion for a single person living alone. As its name implies, this breed originated out of northern England in the Lancashire and Yorkshire counties. It was originally bred to flush out and catch rodents in the textile mills, but it eventually became a status symbol for the wealthy as a lapdog to the Victorian elite. The American Kennel Club first recognized the Yorkshire terrier, affectionately called Yorkie, in 1885, and today, it ranks in the Top 10 most popular AKC-recognized breeds.

Breed Characteristics

Yorkies are known for their quirky, fun personalities, and they love making their owners happy, which makes them generally easy to train. However, this also means they want to be around their families as much as possible and don’t do well when left alone or crated for long periods of time.


As part of the toy group, the Yorkshire terrier is quite small, with breed standards ranging from 7-8 inches tall and around 7 pounds full grown. However, some breeders have specialized in the teacup Yorkie, which is not an officially recognized subtype but is quite popular, and these dogs can be even smaller, with some only growing to 5 pounds or less. The Yorkie is almost impossible to miss with its trademark perky ears, button nose and long coat that is closer to human hair than what most people think of for dog fur. The standard color combination is black and tan, but this can also include gold and blue tones, which refers to the dark silvery color that happens when the black and silver strands mix together.


Despite their small size, Yorkies are known for big personalities, and this can present some issues when it comes to training. This breed definitely has a stubborn streak, but they respond very well to positive reinforcement style training, meaning you’ll need to have lots of treats and praise at the ready. They can be a bit more difficult to house train, so it’s important to start that as early as possible and be very consistent with potty routines. Most puppies pick up on basic obedience training very easily, and they especially enjoy learning tricks like walking on their hind legs.

One of the biggest advantages of getting a toy breed like the Yorkshire terrier is that it doesn’t require the same level of exercise as a larger dog. While the Yorkie has an average energy level, it doesn’t take long to wear them out — a walk around the block, a 10-minute training session or a quick game of chase around the yard works just fine. They can even satisfy their own exercise needs in a fenced-in yard, which can be a big plus for older owners who don’t want to worry about having to play fetch or go on long daily walks.

Yorkies usually do well with other dogs and people of all ages, but they may have to be protected from larger dogs because they don’t always understand how small and vulnerable they really are. This breed has no problem going up to a Rottweiler and trying to be the boss. Their small physical structure can also put them at risk of injury from too-rough play, and for this reason, they should always be supervised when playing with small children.


Yorkies enjoy a longer life expectancy than many dogs — coming in around 11 to 15 years — which means they also may have to deal with more age-related health issues. It’s important for Yorkies to keep their weight in check and not get any table food or treats because even a couple of extra pounds can put a lot of stress on their small bones and joints. They’re also prone to dental and eye problems.

If you’re looking for a small dog with plenty of personality that can be a long-term companion for you or your family, the Yorkshire terrier is an excellent choice. Contact Florida Puppies Online to find out more about this breed and to get help picking out your next puppy.

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